Noah's Playground




Carefully designed for our four legged friends.

Located at 654 West Main St. Franklin NC, Noah's Playground was created to give your dogs the gift of a wonderful experience. Play days include plenty of exercise in large fenced in play areas, supervised games, and swimming in our heated mineral pool. 

We haven't neglected our feline friends either!
Felines will enjoy their own luxury boarding area with a floor-to-ceiling window to view all the action at the pool. Each day, Felines boarding at the Playground can enjoy time out of their condo to the the "one Fast Cat" Exercise wheel, or the Amazon Jungle Cat Tree for lounging, and receive lots of one-on-one staff attention.




We have something for everybody.



Great place for pets. They are great with placing comparable dogs together for a good day of fun. They even get pool time. They have a wonderful swim instructor Tonita who is wonderful with the dogs. She uses touch and it is amazing to see the dogs reaction to it. My dog was terrified of the water and she is swimming like a pro now and is always excited when she knows we’re going to Noah’s Playground.
— Kathy Merry
It really is the happiest place! There’s nothing better than watching dogs jump in a pool!
— Melody Kennedy Harrah
Great staff, great service, great place to bring your furry ones for the day.
— Troy Lu Pung



We’ll give your pets a great experience and help you teach them to be even better animals (if that's even possible!)



About Us

The playground is owned and operated by

Dr. Jeff and Dawn Todd of Noah's Ark Veterinary Clinic. 

They saw a need in the community to have a place for etc etc etc etc .