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Dear Friends,

 As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the country, we are closely monitoring this crisis to ensure the health and safety of both our team and our clients.  Throughout this fraught time, we hold two equally important priorities:  1. To maintain the ability to provide both routine and life-saving veterinary services for our clients. 2. To keep our team members healthy.

We are taking EXTRA measures to do our part to insure we keep pets healthy while minimizing the chance of unintentionally spreading the disease. The COVID-19 virus is spread through contact with an infected person, OR a surface contaminated by an infected person. There are minimal concerns about pet to human transmission.

We are open for business but are quickly implementing flexible new ways to serve you.

Medical appointments, Play Days at both Noah’s Playground and Noah’s Play & Train are available.

The only services we’ve suspended is our group behavior training classes, and our low cost spay neuter clinic.

Here’s what else we’re doing:

  • Practicing Social Distancing
    The staff at Noah’s Ark are famous for being caring, compassionate, kind.. and hugging lots of clients. During this public health emergency, we have directed our staff to refrain from hugs, handshakes or kissing the clients! Our employees generally interact with many people a day, out of an abundance of caution we’re also asking employees, where possible, to keep at least six feet between themselves and our clients.
  • Increasing Sanitation Procedures for all Facilities
    We have taken measures to ensure that all high-risk areas and devices are disinfected very frequently. Fortunately, the disinfectants we keep on hand to kill the Parvo virus are also effective against COVID-19. Doors, exam rooms, all counters and hard surfaces are being treated throughout the day. We are also disinfecting our keyboards, cell phones, computer monitors, screens, credit cards and other plastics. And of course, our staff is practicing the single most important habit to slow the spread of diseases of all types…washing their hands frequently. If you hear a spontaneous outburst of song, it’s likely one of our staff members singing for 20 seconds as they scrub their hands!
  • We’re avoiding bringing clients into the building.
    When you arrive for your appointment please call our front desk to let us know you’re here and which car you are in.
    We’ll come to your car and get your baby while you wait in your vehicle. Our doctors will examine, diagnose, treat and make a care plan. We’ll bring your pet back to you once they’re treated!

What other services are we rolling out to keep you and your safe and healthy? 

  • Same day prescription refills mailed to you with free shipping
  • Virtual doctor visits with Noah’s Ark doctors if you have yourself on “self-quarantine”
  • The ability to pay online for any product order and have it waiting for you when you get to Noah’s for “curbside” delivery

Current data show that over 90% of patients who have fallen ill with COVID-19 virus have one or all of these three symptoms:

  • Fever over 100 degrees (88%)
  • Dry cough (67%)
  • Fatigue – Aches – Lethargy (40%)

Until testing for COVID-19 is easily available in Macon County, let’s play it safe!

This too shall pass… but rest assured, we’re committed to being there for your furry family no matter what unfolds in the coming weeks.

We thank you in advance for your efforts to help keep us all safe as we navigate this unique challenge. Please check back often for updates as our response to this crisis unfolds!

Dr. Todd and Dawn