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Forever Fighting Fleas in Franklin, NC

By August 13, 2013 No Comments

I have a mantra when it comes to fleas that sounds something like this ………

“Don’t wait until you see adult fleas to treat for fleas.”….

“Do not wait to treat until you see adult fleas”….

“PLEASE don’t wait to treat for fleas”… you get the point.

We’re not even at the peak of our local flea season (generally September or October when temperatures cool a bit), yet already I’m seeing people nearly ready to burn down their homes because the fleas are so bad.

There are a variety of ways you get into trouble when it comes to fleas:

— No treatment all winter, start treating May or June.

— Use over the counter products purchased at a “big box” store.

— Treat the dogs, but not the cats.

— Only treat the pets that live strictly outdoors.

— Only treat the pets that live strictly indoors.

— Buy products that come with a guarantee – but buy from online pharmacies, voiding the guarantee.

— Wash pets with Dawn dish washing liquid. (Please don’t do this!)

— Fail to use products each and every month on every pet.

In each of these cases, the crisis occurs for pretty much the same reason… half of the fleas you see are female.

Female fleas living on pets who are not treated (or treated with a product that works poorly, or not at all) lay 30 – 50 eggs PER DAY.

These eggs DO NOT stick to your pets – – they fall right off your pet and into your world.

Before there are thousands of fleas, there are just a few.
Even when there are just a few, half of those few are are female.  

Female fleas live a very simple life— all they do is eat (drink blood) and lay eggs. Just one well fed female flea can lay thousands of eggs in a lifetime — if not killed with a flea product, or eaten by the host (i.e. your pet).

The timing of all those flea eggs hatching is strictly a matter of the weather (temperature and humidity) and the presence of carbon dioxide (what warm blooded meal tickets exhale when we breathe).

While ticks can transmit life-threatening diseases, fleas dish out their own unique brand of torture. Unlike ticks, fleas don’t inject us with an anesthetic before they bite. Many people, cats, and dogs are allergic to even one bite. I fall into the allergic category – I’ll put a hole in my leg before I stop itching a flea bite.

The photo below is one swipe with a flea comb on an untreated dog that is NOT allergic to flea bites. There were literally a thousand fleas on the comb. That particular dog was allowing those fleas to eat and lay eggs, largely undisturbed. Another dog in the house is very allergic and entirely bald around his rear end from gnawing at flea bites.

Once there are enough fleas in your world that you’re actually seeing lots of them, it’s a project getting them back under control – but it is possible- and the sooner we get started, the better.

I have written extensively about why fleas are so difficult to control, and require year round prevention. You might also want to read the newsletter on this website titled At War With the Common Flea.

My message is simple…. if you’re seeing lots of fleas on your pets, don’t despair, let us help you.

I’m talking with too many clients who are wasting money on ineffective sprays, foggers and products purchased all over town. Some clients have even inadvertently poisoned their pets with over the counter products.

We’re flea experts, we can give you sound advice so that you don’t waste money on ineffective flea control. Let us hear about your home and make recommendations based on the pets you live with, their lifestyle, and the layout of your home and yard.

When you have the budget to purchase Frontline products for each pet in your home each month, the product is 100% guaranteed to prevent infestation.

No matter what your budget, we want to help you rid your world of these tiny terrorists.

Flea Comb Packed with Fleas

A thousand fleas on an untreated dog.